Talk and workshop applications

Isn’t it difficult to figure out what to talk about at the DORS/CLUC conference? Yeah, we know and that’s why we are going to give you few hints:

  • FLOSS implementation in IT industry (whether that be your company or just you),
  • FLOSS implementation in health industry,
  • You are a big FLOSS enthusiast and you are constantly hacking around some new open source hardware gadgets, (excellent, we not only want a talk but workshop as well),
  • FLOSS technology is being used in your school? That is fantastic. We’d like to hear your tricks,
  • You are a sysadmin with an experience and you would like to teach youngsters? Well, here is your chance, workshops always welcome,
  • Maybe you are an innovator and you want to present your FLOSS project. Awesome, innovations are always interesting and cool,
  • Whaaa, did we forget to mention your field of interest? No biggie, you can mention it during the application 😉

Keep in mind that you can apply following:

  • 5 min light talk, (if you are only applying this talk you will have to pay registration fee just like our attendees),
  • 30 min talk,
  • 4 hour workshop

To apply talk and/or workshop please fill out the form below.

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