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Reasons why you should be a sponsor of our conference?

  • Unique opportunity to present yourself to a broader audience which is made from experts and enthusiasts in the field of IT industry, health industry and academic world.



  • Are you looking for potential employees? We cannot promise you that they will all apply but we can help you to promote your job vacancies whether online or at the conference.


  • Some people say that networking is even more fruitful than conference itself because you have an opportunity to exchange contacts with new people, you have an opportunity to discuss topics that would rarely show up in your daily conversations….



  • In the end you have an unique opportunity to relax among people who share same horizons as you do.

We are inviting all businesses, individuals and institutions to help us with sponsoring DORS/CLUC 2015, the 22nd largest and most visited free and open source conference in Croatia.

Grab the opportunity to advertise your business to our attendees, to meet new people, exchange contacts and maybe to meet your new employees. DORS/CLUC has always been a non profit conference with sole aim of sponsorship to cover the organizational expenses. For details about conference please contact us at the following address:

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