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We are happy to announce that this year’s DORS/CLUC conference will be held from 18th till 20th of May 2015  in Zagreb.

DORS/CLUC is one of the biggest free and open source conferences in Croatia. Conference gathers international and local IT experts in order to exchange experiences and ideas. Harald Welde, Ivan Guštin, Theodore Ts’o, Mark Shuttleworth, Dobrica Pavlinušić, Brian Fitzgerald, Rasmus Lerdorf are just some of the experts we had privilege to listen on prior conferences.

DORS/CLUC has been divided into two parts: keynotes/talks and workshops. Keynote/talk part falls into following categories: business topics, the newest experiences of FLOSS implementation and migration in industry and tech topics like for example how to use some technology. During workshops which are mostly tech oriented attendees have an opportunity to learn how to use some technology, how to troubleshoot and solve tech problems in the field of free and open source technology.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced member of free and open source technology world we believe that DORS/CLUC will ensure you three days full of interesting talks, informations and networking.

About organizers

Croatian Linux Users’ Association (HULK) is a non profit citizen association that has been promoting development and usage of GNU/Linux systems and other FLOSS technology in Croatia since 1996. Croatian Linux Users Association has been recognized as a central point for consulting, usage and popularization of GNU/Linux operating systems and the rest of the FLOSS technology. Functions of Croatian Linux Users Association are: maintaining portal, organizing DORS/CLUC conference and other similar events whether virtual or live through workshops and talks, adaptation of FLOSS technology to local people.

Croatian association for Open systems and Internet (HrOpen) has been established in 1992. HrOpen is self financed, non profit association which has been developed by following the model of many other similar European associations. From 1993 – 1998 HrOpen was a member of European Forum for Open System and has been a member of OpenForum Europe since 2010 whose head quarters are in Brussels, Belgium. Functions of HrOpen are: promotion of FLOSS technology through workshops, seminars and conferences and providing help by consulting through expert groups. More details about association itself you can find out at:

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