Registrations for DORS/CLUC 2015 attendees are now open!

Registration for DORS/CLUC 2015 is now open! You can register at the following address:

To ease the decision, take a look at the list of keynotes, and choose one of the models from the table below. And hurry up because the conference fees are lower till May 11th! The full conference schedule will be published shortly, so check back soon! Foreign attendees can contact us at

Options Models
Start Core DC supporter
Fee (HRK) till 11th of May 2015 at 13:00 200 650 900
Fee after (HRK) 11th of May 2015 at 13:00 250 750 1100
Drinks and snacks + + +
Party drink coupons + + +
Conference t-shirt and bag + +
Workshop application priority
(in case workshop is full)
+ +
Free lunch, first two days of conference + +
Surprise present +

Register now!

  • Start model is exclusively meant for physical individuals and its number is limited
  • The entire number of attendees is limited with number of seats in conference hall
  • Members of following associations: HULK, HUJAK, HrOpen, HrOUG, HIZ have a right for 10% of discount while paying conference fee
  • Students of FER Zagreb,TVZ Zagreb, PMF Zagreb, FOI Varaždin, ETF Osijek, FESB Split, RiTeh/OzI and Algebra will get special informations from representatives of previously mentioned higher educational institutions about free accreditations and attendance to the conference.
  • VAT is exempt from conference fee because HrOpen association is not in VAT system.

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